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Beautiful Bites

Life is Beautiful 2017 x STK Las Vegas

Sponsored content. Video created for one of the VIP dining vendors at the Life is Beautiful 2017 festival.
Camera + Editing: Cierra Pedro, Producer: Haley Obata


Intriguing People: Nittaya Parawong

Vegas Seven's Intriguing People 2017 featuring Nittaya's Secret Kitchen and Block 9 Thai Street Eats chef Nittaya Parawong.
Camera + Editing: Cierra Pedro, Assistant: Jacob Jacoby, Producer + Writer: Zoneil Maharaj


Demon House

Zak Bagans' Haunted Mansion and Demon House preview

Zak Bagans' shares his experiences with the supernatural and talks on his newest documentary and artifacts "Demon House"
Camera + Editing: Krystal Ramirez, Camera + Producer: Cierra Pedro, Producer: Jacob Jacoby